RDP/VPS Admin 8GB RAM 4 CPU 80GB SSD Speed up To 3Gbps guaranted 500MB Location Singapore


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Detail Specifications

– Operating System : Windows Server 2012 R2

– CPU : Intel Xeon 3,5 GHz dengan 4 Core !!!

– HIGH RAM : 8 GB !!!


– 1 IP Public IPv4

Location Singapore
Speed up To 3Gbps, guaranted 500Mbps

Other Benefits:

– After expired, CAN BE extended back

– Already Hundreds of users who extension with the same IP continues (IP does not change             if renewal).

– Private VPS, in this server only you are alone, VPS IS NOT IN SHARE!!!

– Can Install VPN

Support Traffic Exchange Bot, Forex , Hitleap

and other things that need to need a PC 24 hours of life/speed download/upload is great
Support Jingling, IPTS, YTBOT, and another TE Bot
Support Dumper


All Data in RDP is temporary and we recommend backing up to your own Cloud Storage/PC, we are not responsible for losing your Data/others when something happens like RDP is dead.


– Torrent

– Hacking, Cracking

– CPU usage, RAM, excessive Banwidth   

– Shutdown

If we check the RDP violates the above provisions, the warranty will be forfeited and not in the waivers of love.




q : Ready ?

a : Always ready.

q : rdp/vps duration

a : Your RDP valid for 30 days.

q : hallo, I can’t acces my RDP what must I do?

a : contact me soon when you find this, I will restart your or RDP or if your RDP die I will replace with new.


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